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DataManager Release Notes

Posted by: Rob Kent, May 7, 2018, 2:46 p.m.

7th May 2018

New Features

  • Administration: New Whitelist Editor - friendlier and faster. Users can now easily set options for a complete row and/or a complete column. The editor can be filtered so that only individual whitelist types are displayed and column labeling has also been improved.
  • Sample Details: Chemical structure display for samples. A SMILES editor has been added to the Sample Details page that will enalbe the user to enter a SMILE string and see the sample's chemical structure in both 2D and 3D. More information about SMILE strings can be found here.
  • Sample Details: Sample lineages are now displayed graphically as family tree rather than in two tables. Each sample displyed in the tree has a link that will take the user to the sample, its study and its workflow.
  • Workflows: Workflows authoring has been overhauled so that the YAML for a WF in now stored and can be recalled and edited. Any changes made will cause the WF's version number to be automatically incremented. We've also included a new YAML editor that has syntax highlighting to make it easier to edit any YAML entered.


  • Sample set barcodes can now be printed individually.
  • Added a date filter to workflows so that the default view now displays samples worked on in the last week.

Bug Fixes

  • Workflows: Fixed a bug in combine samples, where the parent condition was set too early which is some cases caused the WF to crash.

Known Issues

  • Workflows: Addinging a comsumable to a sample in a WF step assumes all volumes are in microlitres. This will fixed in an upcoming release